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The future of software architecture research and practice

Two panels at WICSA 2012 in Helsinki discussed the state of software architecture research as well as its future. The slides of the panel speakers are now online: Philippe Kruchten, Len Bass, Ivica Crnkovic, Eoin Woods, Uwe Zdun, Anna Liu, Eltjo Poort.

Philippe Kruchten’s map of the software architecture research field in the last 10 years.


Multi-tenancy Style

Multi-tenant software applications serve different organizations from a single instance and help to save development, maintenance, and administration costs. Yesterday, I gave a talk on SE2010 in Paderborn proposing a new architectural style for multi-tenant systems:

The corresponding paper will be available here soon.


Last week we visited WOSP/SIPEW 2010 in San Jose, US and presented the PerOpteryx approach. The approach is Anne’s PhD topic, which targets to automatically improve software architecture models for performance, reliability and costs using evolutionary algorithms:

More infos and tools can be found on the PerOperyx website.